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Josh Otero
By Josh Otero

What separates someone who WANTS to become pro from those who WILL become pro? Many players think to themselves, “I’m going to be one for the greatest. I know I have what it takes”. But truthfully, that thought is held by countless people and they’re all grinding to take that spot away from you. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help breakdown the anatomy of the elite and what it takes to reach the top.

Let’s start with goals. Aiming to be a professional is great. However, there are some issues with it. Firstly, it’s generic. Everyone is aiming at being professional, but what makes your goal of going pro different? Knowing exactly why you’re pursuing it and the specifics as to why you think you have what it takes is the first step. Secondly, it’s vague and without action. You need to break that goal into pieces and create a game plan for each piece of the puzzle. 


The Anatomy of the Elite

Next, let’s move onto habits. When you’re competing to take a spot at the very top, every tiny little detail and every tiny little performance increase matters. Because of that, we have to make sure we’re maximizing each moment of the day; no time lost. Getting the most out of each day doesn’t mean playing the most hours. Our brains and bodies are going to dictate the quality of practice we’re getting based on how efficiently they’re functioning that day. If you’re exhausted, hungry, sore, angry, or stressed, you’re going to underperform and make more mistakes.


To prevent that from happening, we need to make sure we’re building healthy daily habits that give us the competitive edge and buffer out all the bad from happening. Keep your eye on things such as exercise, healthy snacks, day scheduling/planning, and proper sleep. The ones willing to build these into their daily habits are the ones that will be more mentally and physically ready for the grind.


Finally, let’s end with discipline. Everyone can play hours and hours and hours every day. You’re not gaining an edge by doing the exact same as everyone else. The edge comes from when you become disciplined with the time you have in-game and using each moment of those hours to increase your knowledge and understanding of the game. There used to be the concept of “10,000 hours makes you an expert”. Well, that’s been busted. Instead, it’s about the quality of practice during those hours. Someone that’s destined to become elite knows how to learn from failure, has plans of action and goals each and every practice block, and is willing to do the unfun parts of gaming (VOD reviews, tedious champ grinding, etc). When you’re pushing for the top, the journey isn’t always going to be fun. But are you playing for fun or are you playing to win? Your reward comes from the fulfillment of climbing the mountain and achieving what few others can.